Truly Authentic of Korean Cosmetic

RnLk Cosmetic Company We are Import and Export Korean brand cosmetic, Manufacturing OEM / ODM such as famous Cosmetic, Nutrition, Whitening Cream, Makeup and Beauty Product from South Korea. Our Factory was established with the purpose to produce the quality of cosmetic followed by customer’s needs, fast shipment service, and customer are able to be satisfied. So our customer always trusts and satisfy our company service very well. Our company also develop the new product with quality and new innovation for support customer’s needs on the present and in the future.


" Global No.1 Beauty Group Company "


" Use Our Expert team To Provide Best products for Our Customers With, High Technology, High Quality, Customised Systems, Good Value, And Superior Service, So That We Can Grow Together with Korean innovation. "

Our Policy

- we always want to satisfy our customer and make their life well-being trough mutual communication.
- We are sure that human resource is No.1 and best important to make better management for great company.
-We have value and passion for future and our neighbor to make good country and society. So we make a profit for everyone’s happiness.


Success numbers from our customers we produced through many years